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      1. What age group is this book for? 
      The book is suitable from the age of 0+ and is a boardbook and safe to use for babies.

      2. Who is this book aimed at?
      This book uses the english language to teach punjabi and therefore anyone can learn Punjabi and teach the little humans! It uses colourful and engaging illustrations on a white background as advised by the education system to help the little humans recognise colours and words! 

      3. What is a boardbook? 
      A boardbook is a hard book made from card and not only the front cover and back pages are hard the pages are too!

      4. Do you ship worldwide? 
      Yes we do! Please add to the basket and upon filling in your address the shipping fee will be added on.  

      5. I would like to stock the book how can I do this?
      Fantastic! Please do inbox me and we can discuss in detail. 

      6. Can you advertise my services on your page? 
      I love supporting new business and I do this on a regular basis on my social media platforms, please follow me and inbox me!