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      Welcome to my page and thank you for your time and interest in me and my forthcoming collection of Punjabi books!

      I am a first-time author and solicitor. I am a driven individual; I enjoy dancing, cooking and travelling. In recent years I have visited: Paris, Dubai, Switzerland and Cancun and I look forward to exploring more of the world.

      More importantly, I love reading! Growing up, my mum would take me and my siblings to the library and I would borrow the maximum permitted and read all the books until our next library visit a week or two later. It is known that reading is great for cognitive development as it allows the reader to use their imagination. So the earlier little humans start, the better!



      Creating Happy the Hathi was a great, fun learning experience and I will be posting my journey on social media so please do follow me (please follow links at the bottom of the page). You will also be able to keep up to date with my upcoming books and pre-sales!
      I do have a confession! My Punjabi is not perfect but my passion and drive is what has inspired me to create these books with the first book being Happy the Hathi learns Babies First Words. My father, who was born in Punjab and fluent in Punjabi has checked and approved all the spellings. I really would love this collection to be a staple in any household where there is a desire to learn Punjabi or rediscover one’s Punjabi roots. I understand that reading Gurmukhi may be difficult; this is why Happy the Hathi collection uses the English alphabet for an easier method of pronunciation. I hope this will be the stepping stone in keeping the language alive across the world as it is an opportunity for anyone who can read the English alphabet to learn Punjabi!